December 9 - 11 Rowe Conference Center

Molly Scott Workshop

Deep Flow: Sounding the Unsayable
Expressing Your Soul-Story through Embodied Voice

Discover how opening the sound-language that lies beneath ordinary speech can transmute old  patterns into fresh insight and release.

You are composed of energetic frequencies as subtle as spirit, as dense as bone. The sounds you make, the sounds you are, affect you at every level, from molecular structure to thought, emotion, and your sense of self and soul. You are always tuning yourself as an instrument, consciously or not, through your vocal expression: the sighs of relaxation, the hum that brightens your thinking, your cries of ecstasy or wailing grief that serve to align your inner feeling with the outer world. Molly is a pioneer in the field of sound therapy, created the Deep Story treatment for trauma, and has led sounding circles at sacred sites in many parts of the world. In this powerful weekend, join her to work and play with sound and silence, meditation, movement, writing and spontaneous song. You’ll encounter and express your deeper story, using your voice to enter that luminous realm in which old stories transform and new ones begin. Bring your voice, your open heart, and your willingness to listen in and sound out!

Molly Scott  is a singer, poet, psychologist, and educator who has presented her Creative Resonance work with the healing voice internationally.  She received the Robert Frost Foundation prize for poetry and is the author of Up to the Windy Gate: Poems of Grief and Grace, dedicated to her music partner Sarah Benson, with whom she presented workshops at Rowe for many years. Her early career in television, theater, and film led her, as a performer and composer, to be active in the social justice and peace movements. She has made a number of recordings, including Sound of Light, recorded in the Rowe chapel.