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Body/Mind Healing - Psychotherapy

  • Deep Story - Re-membering the Body Using  the encoded pathways of body/mind memory to recover and release the stories that need to be told, both in language and Pre-language sounding ( PLS) .

Creative Resonance Therapist Training

  • Resonance Therapy multi-level  training for therapist, body workers, hospice, human service workers including summer apprentice program.

Business & Organizational Training

  • Creative Resonance Business Training - heightening communication skills and orgnizational relationship through vocal awareness, tuned listening , and entrained vocal dynamics in the context of systemic resonance.

Holistic Bodywork

  • Sound as Touch - 'voice-on' healing work combined with body work using techniques sand theory from biophysics and non-linear systems theories.

Personal and Spiritual Development

  • The Voice at the Gate - voice as a deep doorway to healing the self.
  • Voice of the Body, Light of the Soul - exploring the creative, spiritual, and healing potential of the voice.
  • Grounding the Light - Using the attuned and conscious self to instrument alignment with frequencies of earth/ sky, using tools of sound/ silence, movement, and deep energy tuning.

Ecology Based Programs

  • Conversations with Earth - sound and silence, communing  with the  world as a resonant system reponsive to natural laws of harmony and dissonance.
  • Sounding Sacred Space - exploring the sacred in our  own body as earth body.

Workshops for Women

  • Healing the Wounded Voice - opening the voice, empowerment work based on Molly's research and experience in Resonance Therapy with the voice/body memory link.  Workshop and ongoing therapy group format.
  • Wise Woman Retreats - awakening the wisdom self through song, story, movement.  Held at sacred sites and holy places: stone circles, chapels, holy wells. In summer of '95, Wise Woman and the Black Madonna in the Dordogne region of France near the ancient Black Madonna of Rocamadour. In summer '96, Wise Woman and the Sea at Sjællands Odde,  Northern Denmark.