Sound As Touch

Resonance Therapy for people interested in integrating vocal sounding and touch into their practice.

SOUND AS TOUCH is a complimentary Creative Resonance training for therapists, body workers, and healers interested in incorporating healing touch through sound in vibrational mind/body therapy. The work combines techniques from psychotherapy, touch therapies, psychoacoustics, voice, and bodywork.

 SOUND AS TOUCH is premised on the concept of the body as a resonant instrument, responsive to behaviors governing all non-linear systems in which a small, focused intervention can generate large changes in the field.   Our cells act as semi-conductors, transforming energetic impulses, including sound, into electrical messages, which affect the entire living tissue matrix of the body. In practice, this means that sound, like light touch, can generate significant change at the cellular level. Indeed, the cells interpret sound as a kind of touch and respond accordingly.

 In Sound as Touch hands-on / voice-on practice, participants learn to work deeply and respectfully with the body using sonic subtle energy techniques.  Particular attention is paid to deepened listening, talking to the body and to boundary issues in work with voice and touch.


Dr. Molly Scott is a licensed psychotherapist also trained in CranialSacral bodywork and energetic alignment who has developed a unique practice doing deep body energy work with vocal frequencies.